Hello! I am Nancy Joy, a Jesus Follower who believes that good nutrition and daily movement are keys to a healthy life…. because if you don’t take care of THIS body, where are you going to live?

I love my family and dog, and I enjoy serving others. I love to teach Bible studies to women’s groups, the deaf community and children.

I have a Daily Devotional

YouTube Channel called “Nancy’s Morning Meditations”

A great way to get God's Word in your heart and mind as you start each day!

Did you know most people do not get enough fruits and veggies every day?

Juice Plus offers the same nutritional value as eating FOUR POUNDS of fruits and veggies every day, just by SWALLOWING

4 capsules or Gummies.

I LOVE to capture memories for people. From newborns, to graduating seniors to family portraits ... I make capturing these precious moments quick, economical and FUN!

I also make videos for websites to promote your ministry or business.

Life can be hard... really hard... but I pray these sites inspire you to get out there and exercise, eat better, strengthen your faith in Jesus, set some awesome goals this year, let Mandy the Maltipoo makes you laugh in her videos, and just try to make life more fun for yourself and those around you!

Parenting is HARD work! I have found helping my children cultivate faith, hardwork and goal setting into their lives was more beneficial than just keeping them HAPPY.

I love to speak to groups. Check out my parenting book.

Mandy the Maltipoo loves to do tricks as a way to inspire students to set and achieve goals for themselves.

Book us to come to your school, or watch some of her videos on her YouTube page.

She also dresses up for the daily "Theme of the Day" on her Facebook page.

I just LOVE to share my faith in Jesus with others! God loves us SOOOOO much that He sent His only Son to come to earth as a baby, then Jesus lived among us teaching, healing and loving, then died as the permanent sacrifice for our sins so we can have ETERNAL LIFE with God!

Click here for some resources to help you strengthen your faith in Jesus.

Thanks for checking out my site. If you have any questions you can contact me here!